The Senshi Babies #1 - Twins

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This will be the first MerComix comic that you will read from RIGHT-TO-LEFT, just like a manga!

CONTAINS: abdl themes, diaper, shrinking women
This is an ADULTS ONLY comic, meaning it's not meant for people under the adult age of their respected country.


Makoto's birthday is tomorrow, and Ami kept a secret of the birthday gift that no one knew. Usagi reluctantly goes with Ami to carry the packages that Ami got in the mail. She finds out that Ami has bought baby products, and was experimenting chewable pills that one set will miniaturize them to a height of babies and another revert back. Ami intends to go all-out on the experiment, becoming Makoto's baby for a week. The cost of this discovery is that Usagi must become baby-sized with Ami, so the surprise doesn't get spoiled. Time to shrink, diaper, and baby-up in the first issue of the series that will have shrunken women, ABDL, and maternal giantess themes in one!

BONUS ARTWORK: artistmyx, Vorifax

NOTE: Both editions include the prequel story, Baby-sized Test, conducted by Ami Mizuno, in PDF format! 

STORY: Ami describes to us how her first experience with the shrink and grow chemicals as prototype drinks went, when she babysat a six-year-old kid named Kai.

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December 5, 2018
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Mistimagi (formerly Kalayara)


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